Sunday, September 2, 2012

Thankh God: The Love Machine is on DVD!

Oh my goodness! All things ankh have come your TV set as this is finally on DVD. My favorite Jackie Susann book (that's right, it is) is here and sadly, mine's without subtitles-oh, what a joy this would make. The dialogue, sets, casting (Robert Ryan! Jackie Cooper! Shecky Greene! John Philip Law in the lead role as "Robin Stone," aka Love Machine; Dyan Cannon! David Hemmings!), costumes by Moss Mabry, makeup and huge hair make this a campfest beyond compare. And the ankhs! Good lord. (Click to enlarge all photos.)

Short story: Robin Stone sleeps his way to the top, namely with the big boss' wife, Mrs. Austin, played by Dyan Cannon, who is the real star of the film. Robin's best friend is uber-bitch queen David Hemmings, "fashion photog" who has a pal named Alfie. That's all you really need to know.

The end culminates in Mrs. Austin finding an incriminating "slave bracelet" that she shoves down her cleavage and a huge bitchfight ensues. Why is this movie not a midnight cult classic? Every line of dialogue should be memorized and recited!

 Behold the power of the ankh!

 The ankh is so powerful, Shecky Greene must avert his gaze.
 Dyan finds the slave bracelet.
Dyan dares Alfie to go where he's never gone before.

Dyan: Oscar WINNER!

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