Sunday, April 17, 2011

THE LOOK - Here's Lucy style

In her final successful sitcom until her CBS-imposed retirement in 1974, sixty-something Lucille Ball played Lucy Carter and pimped her real-life teen kids to audiences (Desi Jr was a hot box- but he eventually left the series and his mom's on set screaching). By then, Lucy heavily relied on cue cards and a parade of guest stars to cover the lack of physical comedy. Below you will find a swingin' 60s Liz Taylor; a caftanned Shelley Winters; Lawrence Welk; Wally Cox; fearless Flip Wilson; and sitcom guest 'must have' Eva Gabor who arrives wearing her sunglasses at night. Vivian Vance agreed to come on once a year but was more content to stay in Connecticut with her (gay) hubby/companion. Our Donna Lethal joked that the credit-sequence top-hatted Lucy marionnete was (for her) the most terrifying sight on television.