Friday, December 3, 2010

Who Likes Famous People...and WTF?

Why? Oh.


a fog of ideas said...

To just add to the whole what-the-foofery?! of that it's been pointed out that the actual song playing is the Ferry Aid recording of 'Let It Be' so you have Huey Lewis lip-synching to Paul McCartney's vocal, Ricki Lake to Boy George's and so on... the Ferry Aid single was a fund-raising charity record put together by the British tabloid, The Sun, in response to the Zeebrugge Ferry disaster in 1987 in which 193 passengers died... it seems odd perhaps to apparently blithely use that to promote a TV series... I wonder how many of the participants knew it was that track they'd be miming to (I'm not saying they shouldn't have sung along to it but it somehow just adds to the sheer delightful awfulness of the proceedings) and judging by some of their performances you sense that many of them thought the clip would never be seen outside of Norway (hello, Jason Alexander)... I particularly enjoyed Norm from Cheers look of sheer horror and disgust (I'm assuming, perhaps he was just a bit dyspeptic that day?)... and thank you very much for posting this

Pantheon Zeus said...

The most fucked up gathering of celebs since the annual Burbank autograph show at Burbank Marriott.
It should be the video we play to convince kids NOT to pursue a career in the arts.