Sunday, December 5, 2010


Not only it is a plethora of true Boston accents (oh, I love that "ehr" sound!), three deckers, snow-filled streets, smoking salesmen and women in curlers, there's so much more than just those tidbits to recommend this. Imagine trying to sell Bibles door to door now (or anything, for that matter.)

Albert Maysles is the reason I went to college.


glyphjockey said...

Yes, an aging grandma asking you hear her story of elder abuse.

A man with 100 cuckoo clocks all chiming at the same time.

A watermelon sitting like a baby on a plastic wrapped couch.

Iranian Jews telling you how much they like it more in the US.

Hillbilly brothers threatening to shoot you for standing on their junk filled lawn.

A heroin addict wanting to be pals.

A crazed old man chasing you, telling you that you're scaring old ladies.

A white supremacist telling you your product is a n*gger color (yellow).

A little kid squirting you with a hose.

A single mom relating a story about dancing on a table for a group of Portuguese sailors.

Michael Ansara's nephew telling you about his aunt Barbara Eden making barbecue.

An arch at the doorway to a house that was a mass of tuberose, honeysuckle, morning glory and climbing rose, ready to be dug up by a horticultural society for preservation.

Folks telling you about the only fruiting pecan tree north of the Mason-Dixon line in their yard.

People who showed you their basement which was the actual below decks of a buried boat.

A psoriasis covered gent taking you down to his basement to show you where the gangsters used to use a long storage area for target practice and the bullet holes they left.

A woman who gave you a dying chaplain's lamp that was an undersea view carved in lucite by one of the prisoners he ministered to...

Ending up in an old above ground Loiusiana graveyard at dusk by mistake.

Argentinians drinking mate' from silver cups.

Smashing your head on a low beam in a cow barn.

An old lady bursting into tears because she though you were a killer.

Mavis Martini said...

Wow! You had me at "Yesterday" by 101 Strings on the hi-fi!