Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Marilyn smoked a doobie in a home movie

She smoked out at a New Jersey house party in late 50s. (Very Don Draper).

An anonymous source sold the 8mm footage for $275,000 (£166,000) to US collector Keya Morgan, who is making a documentary on the death of Monroe in August 1962.

(Too bad Jeanne Carmen is dead and can't contribute fishtales...maybe Tony Curtis will step forward now saying that he drove Bobby Kennedy over to her house that day.)

okay, I almost forgot ...

Reefer of No Return

Gentlemen Prefer Blunts

Some Like It Pot


Mavis Martini said...

I KNEW someone would post "Some Like it Pot"!! Nice to see MM have some fun!

Christopher said...

Lets Make It Legal