Thursday, June 11, 2009

Guess which one ?

Jones or Hamilton ????

One was a super-villian in a James Bond film and played an amazon in Conan the Destroyer, and the other commanded a winged monkey army on film and sold coffee on TV commercials. One was burned by a fiery stage exit and the other burned lots of cigarettes - even at the dinner table. One made a baby and cutting edge music videos with Jean-Paul Goude, and the other made a Halloween Special with Paul Lynde. One appeared on Pee Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special and the other appeared on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. One rode her bicycle into a cyclone and the other rode on Dolph Lundgren. One was painted in the nude by Keith Haring and the other painted green by MGM. One once publicly claimed to be "Queen Bitch Jungle Mother of New York" and the other publicly claimed to be "almost lame from the bite on my leg."


Donna Lethal said...

"Grace of Elvira Gulch?" I can see it now!

Christopher said...

ha!..I'd like to see Grace ride a Twister..laughing all the way!..