Tuesday, April 18, 2023

High Life (2018) directed by Claire Denis


I have seen more Robert Pattinson led films than I ever imagined I would the last couple of years and I have been amazed at how he has grown as an actor and how open he is to interesting roles. So I can see how he was drawn into this film, it is Claire Denis’ first  English language film and on paper I am sure it looked profound. In practice however, the film produced makes little sense. Juliette Binoche, another interesting performer is also a main character and like  Pattinson is wasted in à confusing nonsensical role. 

In short, this film lacks any sort of sense on most levels. For some reason criminals with death sentences are experimented on spaceships heading to black hole(s?) looking for an energy source. The lack of a coherent story and poorly drawn characters make it impossible for the actors to give decent performances and even harder for the viewer to figure out what is going on. Sometimes you can see the seed of the great idea behind a disappointing movie but this one seems more concerned with appearing profound without putting the work into putting anything behind those appearances. 


T' said...

That's a shame. I actually liked him in Harry Potter and, oddly, "The Batman." He did a decent job. His role in the Twilight movies was...regrettable. Then again, everything in those movies was regrettable. I hope he continues to rise above.

Behemoth media said...

This seemed an attempt to work with a artsy director and make a meaningful film. I can’t fault him really for how mind boggling terrible this film is. We almost turned it off!