Thursday, December 29, 2022

The three little pigs - the swine crisis.... horrifying children short


So my 3 year old nephew was obsessed with watching cartoons of the 3 little pigs over the holiday. Most were dreadfully animated, I mean just terrible and some were weird tie ins to other shows where other children's characters would be inserted into the story. This was... something else. 

The story is told with live actors in really creepy looking masks. The wolf is sort of interesting but the pigs look terrifying. Many versions take liberties with the original tale, you can only tell the same story so many times and most will avoid the wolf in the pot at the end, choosing to have him cartoonishly shoot into the air like a rocket instead of being cooked. I have NEVER seen a version where one pig is pothead who burns his own straw house down while another is an alcoholic who has WW1 flashbacks. A super sexy Red Riding Hood shows up at the end.

Effort went into this and some people talk about how nostalgic this was to them. It's not poorly done it's just wildly inappropriate for kids and seriously... WTF? 


T' said...

Ok, that was weird. I think the makeup on the pigs especially when combined with CG to smooth them out was pretty effective. The wolf, up close, looked like a weird combination of latex paint and CG. There are some good effects and some terrible ones. Like you, I have to wonder who the hell this was for. Not really for kids, not really for adults, either. Still, someone's passion project for some reason. Odd.

Behemoth media said...

It has 10s of millions of views on you tube and lots of people saying nostalgic…. Did they grow up in Twin Peaks? There is def quality and vision but I a, glad they did follow up with sexy red riding hood as the end suggested!