Saturday, August 13, 2022

The French Dispatch (2021) directed by Wes Anderson

Made as a love letter to print journalism, this film is, like all Wes Anderson films, odd, hard to categorize and filled with a multitude of known actors here in The Slammer - including Told Swinton and Griffin Dunne! 

Separated into parts like the sections of a newspaper the film does not follow one story but manages to connect several stories presented as articles to be published in the last issue of The French Dispatch after the death of the editor played by Bill Murray. Like an actual newspaper or magazine, you have different stories but told in the same oddball style that brings them all together. It's funny in an odd way and touching, also in an odd way and you might moved to tears at the end and disregard the text over the editor's doorway in the file which simply states... "No Crying".

As a french speaker I may have found this funnier than a non speaker would as it does have a fair amount of French dialogue (with graphically integrated subtitles) and knowing a little of the language makes names and some other details jump out of the background more. Like all Andersen's film, it's VERY stylized in performances and cinematography and may not be everyone tastes. If you do like his work I think you will find this charming. 

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