Monday, January 4, 2021

2021 Another Year in the Slammer

 I have been thinking seriously about the future of Celluloid slammer. Should it expand? Should it continue at all? 

Expanding might include a podcast or youtube channel, either would be a lot of work and cost more than zero dollars. Should I have Patreon? Not just for here but for the rest of my work including films, animations and artwork? 

We don't have a million followers here but a few that seem to read each post so my question to them and anyone out there is  - what do you think should happen? Let me know in the comments.

Speaking of comments, there are not many of them, just a few time to time which is OK but we do have trolls who post here and recently at my other site. Hard not total these things personally and keeping on top of deleting them is sometimes a chore. They are inane sexist rants about nothing or sometimes just some random post with a link to some random site in them. 

If anyone wants to join the Slammer and write posts, I'm more than open and that could help expand into you tube idea. There were ton of writers here for the first 7 or years and then a couple and now it's just me in solitary confinement, which to be fair is my favourite kind of confinement, but it makes for less voices talking about film and related topics here. 

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