Sunday, January 8, 2017

Buster Crabbe strips in a room of naked men

How is that for headline?

The film? Search for Beauty, 1934.

The plot: who cares, Buster Crabbe gets naked, but if you insist - Con artists convince 2 olympians to head a new health magazine that is really just a front to show salacious photos and tell scandalous stories.

Artist Ralph Hodgdon told me about this film recently as he and I (and Donna lethal) are big fans of Buster. He might have seen it on release, not sure. The naked guys in the locker room tip you off this was pre-code and it's a little jarring to see a film from 1934 with that much skin showing.


T' said...

Ok, so it's a horrible thing, but my first exposure to Buster was... the old Icy Hot commercials. That being said, I am SO sad that Hayes took butts away from my viewing pleasure. We don't see anything but, well, butts but it's a nice change! And no one seems weird about it, least of all ol' Larry 'Buster' Crabbe. He 'bare'ly -flash-ed anything! :"D

Behemoth media said...

I now, ! He could of at least given us left cheek or something. That said the relaxed attitude of the scene and everyone in it is so natural and missing from the sort of nudity we see today on film and tv as a rule. I was exposed to Buster by watching flash Gordon and Buck Rogers serials at the local movie house believe it or not!