Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Missing films from my collection

We all have films missing from our personal collections and I am no exception. There are two that puzzle me as to why they are not available on DVD or blu-ray or as far as I know on Netflix or other streaming services. These were all sold on VHS back in the day so why not today?


The 3rd in the Klaus Marie Braundauer trilogy of Nazi era series of film with director Istvan Svabo. The other two are readily available and all there are awesome and make a great night of depressing art cinema. All are based on real people, Mephisto takes place a the start of the third reich, Coronel Redl during the war and Hanussen was hitler's psychic... until he started seeing the end of the war in a less than favourable outcome for the nazis. 

Track 29

This film's absence is even more mysterious. Christopher Lloyd, Sandra Bernhard, Theresa Russell and Gary Oldman all in one film by Nicolas Roeg! I put this on the same level with Insignificance which I love, love  love. The film is a total mindfuck as you might have guessed form the cast and director but the cast alone should have assured it a place on DVD.

What films are missing from your collection?

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