Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Slammer Podcast Recommendations

I can’t live without my iPod (I don’t have a cell phone however) but not because I listen to tons of music. I listen to podcasts, free radio broadcast like shows you can find for free on iTunes. There a re video and audio podcasts on every subject imaginable and while I listen to many science and skeptical podcasts, I’ve find a couple really great ones for film freaks.

This is an amazing recourse. I many ways it is like a continuation of the Danny Peary Cult Movie books in how the information is presented. The presenters give you an overview of the film, usually a cult film that not even I have heard of along with interviews, history, production stories and discussions on why this film has a following... or should. 

The print magazine has quite the nice accompanying podcast and while the quality isn’t always the best the reporting is lively and interesting. They cover all genre films (sci-fi, horror etc) and also broadcast interviews along with critiques and discussions. They also do what all slammers love to do... watch terrible movies and then talk about then for hours. 

Podcasts are great to listen to at the gym, working on something visual where audio won’t distract you, driving on trips... anywhere you need a slight distraction form tedious or long task. 

Any other recommendations? 

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