Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Killer Has Asthma! - Blake Edwards' "Experiment in Terror" (1962)

Blake Edwards died last night. I get the whole Breakfast at Tiffany's and Pink Panther thing. Loved Peter Gunn. I'll watch Victor Victoria, or even Micki & Maude on the right kind of day. But I think Blake hit a high note with Experiment in Terror. It's a shadow-binge late noir thriller about a bank teller in San Francisco that is taken hostage in her own home by a wheezing strangler who tries to coerce her into robbing her employer. Big emphasis on sound design and the Mancini soundtrack was perfect. Who knew asthma could be so creepy?


dfordoom said...

I've never even heard of Experiment in Terror but now I want to see it.

I think Edwards is underrated. I even liked "10" and Darling Lili. Oddly enough though I found The Pink Panther to be heavy going.

Mr. Sophistication said...

It looks absolutely fantastic. And it's fairly violent for the time. I dug it.

The Pink Panther series kind of lost me. Sellers just didn't seem that interested after the first installment. But was he ever?

sandy Pitofsky said...

ross martin best known as artemus gordon from "Wild,Wild West'