Monday, June 7, 2010

Hey, Mister Chan

Well, what do you know? TCM is releasing a Charlie Chan boxed set. I'm a big Chan fan, having spent many insomnia-riddled nights working my way through NY's Ch11 run of all the Chans - Oland, Toler, and Winters (hello, a Swede, a Scot and a Bostonian?) until they finally switched over to Mr. Moto (a German playing a Japanese!) and Sherlock Holmes. These are two other great loves of mine, but we'll save that for later.

Sadly, these are not subtitled (oh, the joy the screengrabs would bring) and there is nary a mention of Mantan Moreland in the writeup - regular readers of The Slammer needn't guess why. I'm sure that TCM did a bang-up job in restoring the Monogram prints but hell.

Chan is one cool Swedish Chinese cat.

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Christopher said...

I always anticipated a visit to the local prison for some "clews"on the later monogram Chans,where Moreland would inevitably run into one of his old pals behind bars and they'd get into a long winded jive talk down memory lane...saaay Birmingham.."