Friday, December 18, 2009

Yammer on, Euro-Yammerers!

The Guardian has this article about the best movie of the 'noughties' in which they tease us with an upcoming one per day reveal of their picks............ bogus.

HOWEVER (yeah I was yelling ...)

The comments have a lot of interesting suggestions for viewing, from regular folks like you and me- well, OK, not you, but me at least, only because all of you are so ........*ahem* unique. So blah blah recommend etc etc... look at it if you are so inclined.

Then if you are so inclined, shall we have a recommend-off? One of those facebook-y meme-y "This is my list of top ten whatever the fuck I'm thinking of at the moment" things? For our picks? Formalized? Out here? For all to see our shame? Not hidden in Tweets or Pokes but here where strangers can say "Whatta jagoff!"

The My Dinner With Andre' of the decade IMHO was Death Proof. Lotsa yakkin'.

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Mrs. Muddle said...

Okay. I haven't seen many movies made in the 0ies, so it'll be easy for me.