Friday, June 26, 2009

A Seed Sown

Sky Saxon of the Seeds departed the garage yesterday:

"The Seeds sprang up in California, and their garage-band sound with Saxon's distinctive vocals became a favorite of the flower power generation. Another hit single of 1967 was "Can't Seem to Make You Mine" and their song "Mr. Farmer" was included in the soundtrack for the movie "Almost Famous."
The Mick Jagger-influenced vocals by Saxon (born Richard Marsh) dominated the sound and in turn influenced later punk rockers.
"All the bikers around San Diego thought the Seeds were apocalypse, then," famed rock critic Lester Bangs wrote in "The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock & Roll." "I recall one hog-ridin' couple ... who didn't take the Seeds' first album off their turntable for three solid months."
Saxon had recently moved to Austin, where he played with his new band, Shapes Have Fangs.
He had been planning to perform this summer with the California '66 Revue, a tour featuring a lineup of California bands from the 1960s. "

“Well, I think you could retire when you die. I don't, however, believe in death, so I guess I will retire when I leave my body. But I plan to continue writing and performing in heaven” Sky Sunlight Saxon March 2009

Didn't want him to be forgotten amongst the hoopla for Farrah, Michael, and Ed.


glyphjockey said...

At least he no longer feels the pressure of being pushed to hard on him.

Keith said...

Great clip.