Monday, June 29, 2009

Robert Altman's Groovy Scopitone!

From the Scopitone site:

"I've heard this is directed by Robert Altman but can't seem to find any info on that on the internets...can anyone confirm?

UPDATE: Bob Orlowsky of the Scopitone Archive has the scoop (of course): "Hey Spike, I saw your question about Altman and Bittersweet Samba. If you do a Google search for Altman Color-Sonics Fortier, you'll find a PDF file from a college film seminar on Altman, which has an interview with Altman that includes a brief reference to a film that is clearly Bittersweet Samba:

"Q: While you were waiting for your break into features, you made some comic short films, three of which you’ve occasionally allowed people to see: The Kathryn Reed Story, a birthday present for your wife; The Party, with Robert Fortier as a hapless guest at a very 1960s party, one of a projected series of juke-box movies called ColorSonics; and Pot au feu, a parody of a TV cookery programme explaining the recipe for a perfect marijuana joint.

A: I did those just for myself. They were unfinanced, just bringing together a few friends, borrowing a camera, and so on. But because of one of those films I got hired to do M*A*S*H: Ingo Preminger looked at Pot au feu and loved it, so it served its purpose."

This is not your average cheesy Scopitone! I'm trying to work out which came first, "The Party" directed by Blake Edwards and starring my favorite actor, Peter Sellers, or this!? Clearly there's some mutual admiration between the two!

I might even prefer Altman's party...but then I'm a big fan of Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass!


Keith said...

I loved "The Party." Such a cool flick. It had some great tunes in it.

Christopher said...

theres actually some really funny scenes in this movie..One of my fave 60s films.

Donna Lethal said...

That is one of the best 'Scopes - I used to show it when I had video shows in NY. I never realized that rumor had been substantiated. The whole underwater bar sequence is fantastic.

BILLY said...

Hi. Does anyone know where to find Robert Altman's "Pot au feu" online? Much appreciated.