Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Night of the Tight Pants, Part I

I'm sick of Carradine and need me some Bob Conrad! With all the elements of a typical Wild, Wild West episode (tight pants, a whipping, bondage), what's not to love? It helps when you're a short guy to be hung upside down, or to have your fights staged on stairs. Look at this youtuber's description:

Muscular hunk James West (Robert Conrad) gets captured, chained, and caged by a crazed blind admiral, all the while showing off his muscled hairy chest and abs.

We featured that clip here.

We'll show this one, because I just watched it the other night, although I don't agree with the "also kinda hunky" part: James West (played by hunk Robert Conrad) gets knocked out by invisible scientist (also kinda hunky), tied upside-down and electro-tortured.


Behemoth media said...

I am a little sick of Carradine too... and death by auto erotic affixiation. (am I missing something with that?)

I am all for Conrad hanging, half naked, electrodes... brings me back to the reasons I was in love with Buster Crabbe after watching Flash Gordon serials!

Donna Lethal said...

Yes - our childhood obsessions! No wonder we grew up so twisted. I suggest you put some Buster on here.

Behemoth media said...

I should, i'll have to find some juicy shots....

Unknown said...

That was some damn fine gay porn!

David Carradine was only one of about a dozen celebs who I expect will eventually be found dead doing Albert Dekker impressions (Tom Green, Mel Gibson, Marty Ingels . . .)