Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mental, and I mean it

It just gets weirder: Carradine as a psychiatrist struck by lightning on Fox's "Mental," Tuesday night. I'm a sucker for anything set in a loony bin, and the lead's a dead ringer for a young Harvey Keitel, but when I saw the ad for this during tonite's Simpsons I almost choked (oops.) "Mental"? Thailand (think about it)? "Stretch"?
I know his father played Count Alucard, but this is just ridiculous.

Let me untie you!


Unknown said...

so happy someone had the stamina to sift through his 100 plus movie oeuvre, all i could manage was my YouTube hotel video. but i got a hahahahaha today.

Pantheon Zeus said...

love the young Keitel dude

Donna Lethal said...

this airs tuesday nite! don't miss!