Thursday, June 18, 2009

Help Me


Christopher said...

wow!..that was fun!.... :o))
ah..that NBC intro is as if I heard it only yesterday!

Dusty said...

This is the only episode of Hullabaloo I've ever seen. There's a creepiness pervading throughout the show that is coming from Barry McGuire's bulging, hormone-infested white pants and Jerry hogging screen time from Gary. I love Jerry but…

Donna Lethal said...

Really?! Oh yeah, Barry's pants are legendary. And they are like that in every episode.

Bob said...

The full episode is on

The Hound said...

Didn't Gary come back from 'Nam shell shocked?
I don't think he and his dad have talked in 30 years.

Pantheon Zeus said...

Jerry and Gary

Michael Bennett started out on HullaBalloo as a gogo guy, years later he hosted and recorded a wrap session with veteran dancers -- which he transcribed and crafted into the genius musical
A CHORUS LINE - starring his fellow Tv dancer
Donna McKechnie.

The new documentary "Every Little Step" about A Chorus Line from conception to revival in 2006 had me in tears.

Pantheon Zeus said...

Gary lives in upstate NY. Never took a dime from his Dad- instead he ran a music store and gave lessons. He went to 'nam because he didn't want people to think he was a Hollywood wuss. He recently took a DNA dna test to confirm that Jerry look-a-like Suzann Lewis is indeed a long-lost half sister. The cleft-chinned Suzann joked: growing up I could never figure out why my lovely Mother looked like Lana Turner and I was "stomach turner".

Gary and Suzann came on Howard Stern this year.

Jerry spent one day being nice to Suzann then had his lawyers tell her to stay away. Gary told Howard he last spoke to Jerry on Father's Day (a year prior) and Jerry just yelled at him.

Gary said the old rank stars who get "new" families (wives and kids) are par for the course.

Mavis Martini said...

*note to self:must craft my very own HULLABALOO shirt!

I usually flip for a Fab Four cover, but that one should have been re-named "YELP!" Yikes.

PZ-Suzann and Sammy Petrillo were asked to move off the front row at the Peter Bog. and JL interview I attended in NYC last fall--but I didn't even know who she was at the time.

Donna Lethal said...

When I met Gary (at the autograph show) I asked "How's your Dad?" and he went, "You are so sweet to ask!"

Check out for the full story ... and man, she sure got his looks. OH NO! The site is under reconstruction! I bet Jerry slapped her with a lawsuit.

Donna Lethal said...

wait, here she is:

ps. Go here:


We should interview her! I bet she would do it!