Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blue Plate Special: Mr Joyboy!

Continuing on our Rod Steiger ham fe(a)st, here's my very favorite:

If you like the Loved One, check out the pressbook.


Mavis Martini said...

This is a good movie to show to new friends. If they love it, then they are "IN"!

Anonymous said...

AH! THE LOVED ONE is so fucking great.
And speaking of ham, have you seen the Steiger-narrated KINO documentary KINGDOM OF SHADOWS? You can almost feel the grease hit your face from his over-the-top lips. Every time he pronounced the word "death", it lasted about 2 full unnecessary seconds..."deathhhhh."

Keith said...

So awesome. Thanks for sharing that with us. This is definitely something to show in a Rod Steiger film festival.

Donna Lethal said...

No! I must rent "Kingdom"!

The mister leapt to Steiger's defense during our Steiger hamfest and said, "But remember, he DID do the Pawnbroker!" to which I reminded him that ALL great actors do HAMMY THINGS! Maybe that could be our next festival theme.