Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bad Mothers!

A few treats from movies with a grotesque dominant mother theme.

The Baby, featuring Ruth Roman in fine form. I'd like to see how Supernanny would handle this situation.

Bad Boy Bubby - for those who haven't had the pleasure, watch this movie by Rolf De Heer when you get a chance. Bubby is a guy who was locked up by his mother for thirty something years and has to fit in to 'our world' (well, Australia in this case) after his escape.

This scene features Bubby's accidental musical debut and is one of the more pleasant moments of the film - mainly because you get the feeling that he's beginning to break away from his past.

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Mavis Martini said...

Kiddies, can you count the number of fetishes in "The Baby"? Wowwww!
Both of these look sick, perverted and twisted=I must see them! Thanks, Arthur!