Friday, March 7, 2008

We Never Learn, Do We?

Ever wonder why? I just found a treasure trove listing of educational films. Some highlights:

Video 300
Teens/Adults 59 minutes 1997
With Linda Ellerbee. Highlights the lives of addicts with hospital and police statistics. Highlights from a radio call-in show for alcoholics.
Oh, I want this just to hear those calls!

Alone In The Dark
Grades 7-12 26 minutes 1993
A guardian angel steps in to show a seventeen year old student that drinking and driving under the influence is a choice. Her decision could be fatal to her boyfriend, younger sister, and even herself.
Guardian angel portrayed by Jayne Mansfield.

Alternatives to Spanking (Part 1): Red White and Bruises
Adults 15 minutes 1997 Why parents spank their children and what they can do instead. Instead?!

Art Of Setting Limits, The
Adults 50 minutes 1991
You'll witness the build-up of heated, potentially dangerous confrontations taking place in various settings. Defusion, de-escalation and limit-setting are demonstrated.
Whoo-hoo! Sounds like my family at Xmas!

Cadillac Dreams
Teens/Adults 30 minutes 1989
Compelling drama of two young men: one who succumbs to the lure of the drug culture; and the other, his younger brother, who courageously holds on to his dreams.
Who wants the caddy - the good one or the bad one?

Cat Who Drank and Used Too Much, The (with sign language)
Grades 1-5 12 minutes 1982
Delightful tale that deals with addiction in a positive, non-threatening way.
Yes, drunken animals are just delightful.

Check It Out
Youth/Teens 11 minutes 1986
Music-video style portrayal of the misperceptions youth have of chewing and dipping.
(? - am I missing something?)

Cruel Spirits: Alcohol & Violence
Teens/Adults 32 minutes 1989
Everyday, thousands of Americans get drunk and in many instances, something violent occurs. Cruel Spirits reveals how alcohol is often responsible, yet rarely blamed for these tragedies, and that the extent of alcohol-related violence is both grossly under-estimated and under-reported.
What's Cruel Spirits? I've never drank that!

Drug Avengers
Grades 1-5 75 minutes 1990
Animated film that is set in the year 2050. Planet Earth has a terrible drug problem. Earth's leaders organize a group of students to go back to the 20th century to teach children about the dangers of drug use.
I love when people from the future chastise me, but no one ever believes me.

Drugs Will Drag You Down
Elem. 30 minutes 1990
Tippy and his friends have a fun-filled day at the ranch, with animals, barn dancing, sing-alongs and hay rides. Danny tries to get the kids to have fun by taking drugs. Without losing Danny's friendship the children teach him to have fun without drugs.
Goddamned spoilsport kids - see what happens when you don't spank them?

Empowering the Inner Child
Adults 30 minutes 1991
Encourages viewers to seek the "magical time of childhood," perhaps for the first time. A family therapist and client discuss how to take those first rewarding steps to empowerment.
Look what this led to - the diaper-baby movement. Great.

Huffless, Puffless Dragon, The
Youth 9 minutes 1984
A cartoon story which portrays the consequences of smoking such as; hacking, gasping, choking, and shortness of breath.

Ice: New Drug, New Problem
Grades 7-12 19 minutes 1991
Introduces you to the chilling reality of this lethal drug of the '90's. Teaches about the perils of Ice through candid conversations with experts.
HA! The drug scare that never was.

Inhalants: The Tricky Drugs
Teens 7 minutes 1992
Designed to teach young people the dangerous consequences of inhalant abuse.
Films that "teach" always teach you how!

Is Your Baby Comfy?
Teens/Adults 20 minutes 1990
Gives specific instructions for new caregivers of alcohol and/or drug-exposed infants.
They may need a refill or some matches!

Keep Off the Grass: Hidden Dangers of Marijuana Use
Teens/Adults 27 minutes 1977
Designed for classroom use, this video teaches students about marijuana - its biological, social, and legal risks - and clears away the confusing misconceptions that surround this drug. Includes video, Teacher's Resource Book, and Student Worksheets.
1977 pot film? I bet I saw this in school ... and look at me now!

Learning The Ropes of Competitive Double Dutch
Jr High 20 minutes 1997
This video introduces the fast-paced sport of competitive Double Dutch jump roping. It follows the journey of Xiamara and her team. The story focuses primarily on the sport, and also aims to exalt this activity as a competitive sport and means of keeping children off the streets and away from drugs.
I guess that strategy really worked, eh?

Marketing Booze to Blacks
Teens/Adults 17 minutes 1990
Describes the health and social consequences of alcohol abuse in the African American community, and how advertising specifically aimed at this community seems to affect the usage and attitudes towards alcohol.
As opposed to whites, who will buy liquor w/out provocation.

Mom!! Louie's Looking At Me Again!
Teens/Adults 60 minutes 1987
Spend a fun-filled evening with Louie Anderson, a perceptive comic and adult child of an alcoholic, whose humor is hilarious and heartwarming.
Um, yeah.

One For My Baby
Teens/Adults 28 minutes 1982
This film builds an unambiguous case against the use of alcohol, in any amount, by pregnant women.
Double feature with "One More For The Road."

Playhouse, The (Part 1)
Children 3, 15 minutes programs 1990
Three programs: You Are A Wonderful Person To Know; The Pills; and Healthy & Clean.
Pills are Wonderful to Know - They Keep You Healthy and Your House Clean!

Poor Jennifer, She's Always Losing Her Hat
Adults 34 minutes 1991
Suzanne Sommers introduces this video about children of alcoholics (COA's). The purpose is to educate adults about the issues faced by COA's, and to encourage them to seek help and support when necessary.
I bet she peed her pants, too! That's where the thighmaster comes in.

President Bush
Grades 7-12 11 minutes 1987
Former President George Bush speaks directly to students about the drug problem in the U.S. He asks people to make a difference by helping one another.
Like his family has done for us

PSA's - 3 TV Spots
All 2 minutes 1994
Three short Public Service Announcements entitled: "Tea Party," and "Football."
Franklin Pangborn and Rosey Grier.

Raves: When the Music's Over
Teens 8 minutes c. N/A
Talks about the different drugs found in all night rave clubs.
In 8 minutes you'll know where to go to get what you need.

Rock Challenge "How To" Video
Teens 19 minutes c. N/A
Shows teens how to produce their own rock video.
Including how to get hot babes, guns, and substances. And how you will have them all the time when you are a rock star!

Spit Tobacco Kills
Grades 7-12 28 minutes 1996
This video goes from one venue to another, rodeo, baseball, ordinary people, etc. Each area has one or more people giving their experiences or opinions on spit tobacco. Richard Bender's experience is all too obvious as he relates his story.
Dick Bender teaches us about spit.

Through a Blue Lens
All 52 minutes 1999
A documentary where addicts openly talk about how they got to the streets.
Um ..."I opened the door and walked outside," maybe?

Twee, Fiddle, & Huff
Grades 1-5 17 minutes 1991
Charming and nonthreatening allegory that offers hope to young children living with parents affected by alcoholism and other addictions.
Tweak, Piddle, and Huff

Waking Up! From Dope
Teens/College 40 minutes 1984
Jevon Thompson uses humor and drama to explain the hard facts about the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol.
For those foggy mornings, we've found coffee helps.

Wizard of NO, The
Grades 1-5 19 minutes 1984
Young Billy is afraid that his friends will think he's a wimp if he doesn't smoke a cigarette. A wizard freed from a soda can helps Billy pinpoint the real problem -- low self esteem. The wizard shows Billy that he has the power to say "NO."
What they don't know is that Billy is already tripping on LSD, where wizards popping out of soda cans are normal, and you should always listen to them.

Working Drug Free/Adults 15 minutes 1990
Increases awareness of the dangers of illegal drugs on the job and helps employers comply with the Federal Drug Free Workplace Act.
Alt title: Dealing with the Dullness.

Young Dusty the Dragon
Pre-3rd Grade 12 minutes 1995
(Animated) Dusty the Dragon yearns to roar with other dragons! His Handsome Heart and Lung Sisters help him earn his roar by steering clear of cigarettes and spitting tobacco.
Starring Bing Crosby as Handsome Heart and The Andrews Sisters as the Lungs.


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