Friday, February 15, 2008

The Girl Can't Help It - or Could She?

There's nothing more tragic than an aging sex symbol who doesn't morph into something else. There are possibilities - see Marlene Dietrich - but Jayne Mansfield didn't know it and neither does Pam Anderson:

Pam famous boobs
Jayne famous boobs
Pam 12 Playboy appearances
Jayne 30 Playboy appearances
Pam animal lover/activist
Jayne animal lover/tried to smuggle chihuahas into UK
Pam Vegas nightclub act
Vegas nightclub act
Pam hung out w/wrestlers
Jayne hung out w/bodybuilders
Pam loving mother
Jayne loving mother
Pam beaten up by Tommy Lee
Jayne beaten up by Sam Brody
Pam "I'm actually really smart"
Jayne "I have an IQ of 163"
Pam resorts to strap "accidents"
Jayne infamous for oops-they-fell-out schtick
Pam loves the stripper pole
Jayne would strip regardless of pole
Pam Motley Crue fan
Jayne Rocky Roberts and the Airedales fan
Pam Blonde & Blonder w/Denise Richards
Jayne Las Vegas Hillbillys w/Mamie Van Doren
Pam doing the Bardot thing
Jayne did the Bardot thing
Pam on nudie club act: "It's art"
Jayne on nudie club act: "Kinky, you know?"


Howie Pyro said...

now if she would just have that car accident...

Chris Pissah said...

Pam "I'm actually really smart"

What's sad it that Pam thinks she needs to remind us of this!

If Jayne had only lived she could've played Mariska's mom on that cop show.

Donna Lethal said...

she did pose as Jayne for David Lachapelle ... i wish i could find the pic.

Mavis Martini said...

Oh, Pam and CoCo should do a remake of LAS VEGAS HILLBILLIES!

Donna Lethal said...

Yes! Pam needs CoCo! We love CoCo!

Chris Pissah said...

Yeah, but does CoCo have Pam's acting chops?