Friday, June 5, 2009

Sonny: KING of Men!

Plastic letters make you think of Blondie, you say?

When I first came across this unbelievable piece of Celluloid, I had to know more. I looked up Sonny in the Vegas phone book (this was in the days before google, around 1996) and we became phone pals. I sent it to him, and he cried (not over me, but tears of joy.) He had never seen it. The blonde was his late wife. "She was Miss France," he told me. "Frank was the godfather," of their daughter. An old friend of Martin and Lewis from Atlantic City's 500 Club, he appeared in "Robin and the Seven Hoods." Sonny continued to perform at the Bootlegger in Vegas up until his death a few years ago - and our own Mavis Martini has the pix!
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