Friday, March 28, 2008

Cheri Caffaro

Chris Pissah turned me on to Cheri and was kinda surprised I hadn't seen her "Ginger" films. Ginger is a wealthy, well-educated political science major and former cheerleader, who is (without any clear explanation) recruited to break up a drug and prostitution gang on the Jersey Shore. Naturally, Ginger goes undercover which means topless bikini fights, helping hookers overcome their hatred of men by having lesbo sex with them, and dirty dancing with men up agains a pole, when she's not driving her flashy gold corvette. In a way, it's like the female Dolemite. Cheri is oddly unsettling ... she's bone-thin and super-platinum, but riveting nonetheless.

Here's the second in the Ginger series, "The Abductors," and like "Ginger," written and directed by her husband at the time, Don Schain, who is currently a producer on - of all things - High School Musical 3:

Here's an interview w/her from a few years ago. She didn't seem too happy to be found. Highlight:
To promote Ginger's theatrical release, Caffaro accepted her publicist's dare, to participate in a naked interview with esteemed New York Post columnist Earl Wilson in the Sherry Netherland Hotel in midtown Manhattan. (Wilson was fully clothed.)
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