Friday, August 9, 2019

Podcast round up and odds and ends

It's been hard to make posts this summer, lots to do and no money to see movies. I have been keeping up with my podcasts and have a few recommendations.

Eager to Know
An old Boston friend moved to Chicago and started podcast about art, those who make it and their thoughts about it. It's very good, it has an NPR vibe to it in the best way possible and Ricky is really engaging as a host.

Max, Mike, Movies
Slammer alumni... released on good behaviour, Mike Love and his friend Max Levine talk about movies! They are pretty funny, sometimes drunk and group their discussions into series of related films.

The Projection Booth
The behemoth of film podcasts as far as I am concerned. Deep discussions, long interviews and varied opinions. One of those shows and can and should listen to the entire catalogue.

Monster Talk
The science show about monsters. The puns are terrible, and I do mean terrible but the show is really interesting as it discusses legends, monsters and cultural myths.

Kolchak Tapes
Are you as old as I am and watched "The Night Stalker" on TV in the 70s? Is the show as scary as you remember... or even good? Find out how this classic and influential show holds up to today's standards.

Twilight Zone Podcast
Really interesting takes on the classic series by Rod Serling. Reviews and synopsis of each show with trivia, history and the occasional reading of the original stories an episode was based on. They also did an excellent discussion of Serling's involvement in the film "Planet of the Apes".

Bone and Sickle
Part history, part weird visit with an eccentric millionaire collector of strange objects. From the man who literally wrote the book on the Krampus has a unique way to present folklore, really strange and sometimes gross history lessons and covers the bizarre spectrum of human beliefs and legends.

Anyone have any suggestions of their own to add? Let us know in the comment section!