Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mama Cass 1969 Special

Before chubby songbird Grammy-sensation Adele , there was Cass Elliott.

Look at her backup singers- The blonde on right is Edna Wright (later of "The Honey Cone" and Darlene Love's kid sister). Yes! Cass opens the show with backup vocalists Clydie King, Carol Willis and Edna Wright. Both Willis and Wright were in Honey Cone a few years later.

I betcha 1969 audiences had never seen a female singer as "HEAVY SET" on television before
-- little did they know what Americans would look like 40 years later.

If you had your first TV special - wouldn't you have Buddy Hackett and Martin Landau as your guests?

Watch Cass, Edna and Buddy shine  despite the lackluster CBS Television City audience who seem to be looking for Cher or  The Smothers Brothers.   LINK is HERE 

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