Wednesday, February 16, 2011

50 Years

My documentary "50 Years" is now for sale at! I am preparing a second film about the old "1270" dance club to be sold there as well. In case any of our more creative members don't know, amazon now has a "createspace" site for writers, musicians and even film makers to put their stuff out there on Amazon. It doesn't cost anything but the time it takes to prepare the materiel, which in my case was substantial as I went from standard def to 16;9 format and added animation set to make the project a little more professional looking.

Amazon link


Lex10 said...


Pantheon Zeus said...

Fab info thanks
Ps- I want the 1270 doc for my Gunkles
(gay uncles)

Vincent-louis said...

I'll put it up on the slammer when it's ready.. might be a few months. I have to redo the music completely which honestly I know little to nothing about :)

Mavis Martini said...

If you don't have Swifty Lazar, who ELSE is gonna promote ya!? Congrats!