Friday, January 21, 2011

Don Knotts' Abnormal Sexual Magnetism


Tom said...

Ha ha. I need to see this one. RIP Anne Francis.

Robin Eduardo said...

Don was a pimp!

Pantheon Zeus said...

This was the 4th of his 5 picture deal with Universal.
The final film How to Frame a Figg brought Don back to a Mayberry-esque town, paired him with a klutz sidekick and gave him Elaine Joyce as love interest.

In mid-70s, Don started appearing in Disney films and always had a clod sidekick (Tim Conway) from that point on. He became the "Moe" ineptly bossing around a stooge.

The Love God? was the last of the films where Don did ALL the heavy comedic lifting.

Mavis Martini said...

Abner Peacock morphed into Ralph Furley!

Ivan said...

I genuinely love this flick and wrote it up at my Ivanlandia site (link below). Thanks for the trailer!

Christopher said...

Watched this one again a few weeks ago..Don Knotts is Larry Flynt?
love that Vic Mizzy music..
THey were filming this when I visited Univeral studios in 1969.

Anonymous said...

I'd heard somewhere this movie didn't do too well with Don's core audience because they thought he really was turning into one of those 'let it all hang out' Nehru-jacket-wearing pervs. Too much of a subtle satire maybe?