Monday, September 13, 2010

In Todd We Trust

When I heard about this remake of "Mildred Pierce" I just about choked on my gooseberry pie, but since it's from Todd "Far From Heaven" Haynes...well, I'll strap in for the ride:


Lex10 said...

OK. So- probably one of my top 10 films I cry over Kay every time. What is conspicuously absent is Curtiz' visual impact. Ann Blyth looks evil when she's feeding an infant, this Veda doesn't and overall it just ain't it.
It is also apparent that there are some scenes from Cain's fantastic book that never made it to the original, and that is enough to get me watching it. Hopefully she will wash off the grease stank for Monty at the bottom of the lake with the secret bar of soap, and Veda's uber-performances crush the emotionally battered Mildred with their awesomeness.

STILL- Cain is like Jim Thompson - why hasn't every book been made into a movie?


The pies, what about the pies? I saw no mention of pies in the trailer.
X David, NYC