Saturday, July 3, 2010

Too Fun To Die

I think Nathan Lane is the male Ethel Merman - he delivers. Bebe Neuwirth brings her charms to her devotees, and I appreciate Kevin Chamberlin's homage to Jackie Coogan's screechy voiced Fester. I'm pleased that the always wonderful Jackie Hoffman has a steady new gig as Grandmama in this seemingly critic proof hit show.

John Lahr's New Yorker review says: As Grandma Addams, Jackie Hoffman, with her pug-dog mug and cartoony caterwauling, manages to raise the show’s temperature a few degrees. “Stay outta my shit or I’ll rip your leg off and bury it in the back yard,” Grandma screeches at her grandson Pugsley (Adam Riegler), adding, “I love you.”

I love Jackie Hoffman and her video blogs (and her GOOFING on a certain sci fi church next door to theater.)

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