Monday, May 17, 2010

Christoph Waltz and Other Delights

He was the only good part of that tripe! What a Hotzi!


Eve said...

He definitely had me thinking thoughts that would have horrified my parents. I've seen photos of him at premieres with a trim grey bread, too--yum!

Pantheon Zeus said...

I liked the hotzi totzi Nazi and the bear Jew
and the rest of the blah blah made me zone out--
my mind went elsewhere ... Possibly Anne Frank's attic.

Thombeau said...

He is gorgeous and sublime.

Donna Lethal said...

It's true, Eve - he really is delightful, and the only man with a beard that I would eat strudel with.

PZ - the first part of the movie is the best, the rest is garbage.

Thom - there's a "fuckyeahchristophwaltz" tumblr!