Thursday, April 22, 2010

Big Fan (2009)

Paul Aufiero is the biggest NY Giants fan there is. Outside of this attribute he leads a pretty miserable existence. By day he sits in a cashier's chair in a grimy NYC parking garage, obsessively diagramming his next great diatribe that he will recite as a caller on his favorite radio sports show, Sports Talk. By night he bunks at his mom's house, calls the show and awaits a phone call with gushing validation from his buddy Sal (played by Kevin Corrigan).

After following Giants Quarterback, Quantrell Bishop, to a ritzy NYC strip club Paul decides he must approach his hero. Having spooked the man Quantrell beats Paul within an inch of his life. Paul wakes up in a hospital a few days later and finds himself in a paradox of nightmarish proportions. His injury attorney brother wants to sue. Paul doesn't want to hurt the team. Suddenly this little parking garage attendant from the city is the talk of sports fans nationwide.

It's a really dark character portrait. Possibly one of the best films about loneliness, obsession and isolation since Taxi Driver.

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