Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sin You Sinners (1963)

This one is pretty bad. Our lead is a middle-aged stripper that seems to maintain her powers of persuasion and youthful appearance through a mystical amulet. It's a bit hard to follow due to the source print's horrendous sound and missing footage, but the story is mildly interesting.

As the seedy folks that populate the club start to appreciate the amulet's powers it becomes an object of desire. The club owner hatches a scheme to steal it and the dancer's daughter is after it herself. After a bit of amulet-induced hypnosis and some serious softcore dance numbers the club owner murders his accomplice and chaos ensues.

The acting isn't just bad, that wouldn't efficiently describe it. It's surreal in a sort of Lynchian way, and that isn't a good thing in this case. This very low-budge grindhouse catastrophe was originally directed by unknown Anthony Farrar, somewhere along the way the picture was taken over by writer Joseph W. Sarno. Sarno later became a major porn director. It's part of a dvd double-feature with Dance Hall Racket, for which I have higher hopes due to the fact that it stars Lenny Bruce and his wife honey. I'll let you know.
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