Wednesday, March 31, 2010

R is for Raquel

Our resident Slammer goddess has written a book, "Beyond the Cleavage"! Kudos to Mavis for spotting this Oprah book club link (!) to the first chapter.

It begins:
Contrary to popular myth, I didn't just hatch out of an eagle's nest, circa One Million Years B.C., clad in a doeskin bikini. In fact, I was more surprised than anyone to find myself on location in such an exotic setting, high atop a volcanic mountain in the Canary Islands! With the release of that famous movie poster, in one fell swoop, everything in my life changed and everything about the real me was swept away. All else would be eclipsed by this bigger-than-life sex symbol.

Some jealous bitch posted on the Oprah message board, complaining about the Raquel show, "I look to Oprah for spiritual and intellectual guidance." I felt like posting, "I look to Raquel for spiritual guidance!"

We here at the Slammer love Raquel for all reasons. The Hound sends this link to her appearance on WNYC Radio's Leonard Lopate Show.

Fun fact: I once saw Cher and Raquel host an Aids benefit back in the 80s. Raquel had the most unbelievable cameltoe that had even the queens in the audience gasp. But what really shocked everyone more was the fact that Cher and Raquel are both about 5'6."

Also on the bill? Little Richard and the "Beach Boys," minus Brian Wilson. Later, along with Brian, I ended up partying with them, but that's another, awful, longer story that doesn't belong here. Richard couldn't join my friend at a gig because of "his religion," - he was Jewish then.
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