Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Original GLOVED ONE

Rita Hayworth shows her skills with evening gloves in a scene from 1957's Pal Joey (vocals dubbed by Jo Ann Greer).

The "Zip" lyrics were changed for the film. I love the Broadway lyric "I don't care for either Mickey - Mouse or Rooney make me sicky." The film soundtrack did have a fun 2nd chorus lyric making fun of Marilyn Monroe - but that line was edited out. It went:
"Zip! Marilyn Monroe looks just dandy in mink. Zip! She not only acts, I hear she can THINK."

(maybe that lyric made Columbia sound too bitter that they had let MM go -- only to see her become a superstar at Fox.)

Here is Rita becoming a superstar in her own right - when she played the title role in 1946's GILDA - (vocals dubbed by Anita Ellis).

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