Friday, March 12, 2010

(Eulabelle) Moore! Moore! Moore!

Pantheon Zeus and I have died and gone to geek heaven Party Beach.


The Hound said...

Miriam from the A-Bones owns the drum set that the Del-Aires are using in their scene in the movie version of Horror Of Party Beach from which the pictured comic/mag was created. It's well worth staring at for several seconds if you get the chance.

Eve said...

I love The Horror of Party Beach! (Though not as much as the Party of Horror Beach)

The "horror" looks like an Art Moderne ashtray with teeny weenies in its mouth.

Donna Lethal said...

Hound: Oh my god! I would stare at it for hours if I could. One teenage Thanksgiving, PZ and I cut together scenes of Eulabelle, naked Jayne from Promises! and a terrifying Donna Douglas (clad in her "Elly Mae" gear and wig, singing a Christian tune called "He's Still Workin' On Me") into our own little movie. Zeus may still have it.

Pantheon Zeus said...

Miss Elaine finds Eulabelle's voodoo doll and chides her for her superstitious beliefs. Eulabelle says: "It's mine - give it!"

although she made have pronounced it as "it's mine gib it!"

and I heard "It's my gibbet!

As a teen, I assumed that a "gibbet" was a synonym for voodoo doll, talisman etc

I still choose to believe it's a word.

Donna Lethal said...

We actually argued over this! But look, here's what a gibbet really is: "A gibbet is a gallows-type structure from which the dead bodies of executed criminals were hung on public display to deter other existing or potential criminals. To gibbet a criminal is to display the criminal on a gibbet.[1] This practice is also called "hanging in chains.""

Pantheon Zeus said...

Bob Conrad - I brake for gibbets.