Friday, February 19, 2010

Hello Ann-Margret

When Bye Bye Birdie went from stage on Broadway to a Hollywood film it brought its 2 male stars Dick Van Dyke and Paul Lynde. (Sorry Chita Rivera - your part is going to Janet Leigh). Paul joked that the film should be called "Hello Ann-Margret" since all the focus was on her sizzling sexpot appeal.

Charles Strouse was asked to write a title song (which the play didn't have) and he came up with this. It was referenced in Mad Men season 3.



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Donna Lethal said...

I was going to write something, but Lex's comment stopped me in my tracks.

Josh Alan Friedman said...

What do Negroes think of this performance?

josh pincus is crying said...

I featured a post about Jesse "Conrad Birdie" Pearson on my blog a little while ago. Here I go, tooting my own horn again.