Friday, February 5, 2010


I love this movie because, plainly, I am disturbed. Having worked in a film archive for quite a while, I was thrilled to actually watch things like this for a living -- and it got to be routine: "Three Stooges? Car accidents? War footage? Donna."

Last night I was ranting because I was stuck behind someone with "Psalm" something or other as their license plate. This sends me into a rage. It should be illegal. I can't put things I'd like YOU to read, do, or feel on my license plate as they are considered offensive, illegal, or just plain rude -- but I am force-read someone's bible views for miles? It sends me into a fury and makes me want to run them off the road and beat them senseless. Hence, today's selection.

ps. If it doesn't load for you, click here.


Vincent-louis said...

I love that film! it's practically perfect in every way.

I also HATE having to read/see any bible crap all over the place. Yu show 2 guys holding hands and it's "indocrination" you show a man and a woman holding hands and it's "corrupting the children" what is pushing bible verses down people's throat then?

Eve said...

Oooh, Signal 30! We saw that in driver's ed! They warned us how Disturbing it was going to be and that we might faint or have to leave the room to be ill.

After it was over, we all yelled "again! again!" much to the teacher's disgust.