Thursday, January 28, 2010

Daddy's Little...kidnapped sex slave

The Pitch: A sweet innocent teen gets mad at parents and runs away with her boyfriend only to be nabbed by porn producing, flesh peddling pimps. Ex-cop Dad must search high and low through pages of cliches to rescue his baby girl.

In celebration of the upcoming NEW "cop Dad searches for clues about his daughter" film EDGE OF DARKNESS starring Der Fuehrer Gibson - hot on the heels of Liam Neeson's surprise box-office hit TAKEN (Eurotrash pimps kidnap American gals)-- I wanted to remember that these themes were covered 30 years ago in George C. Scott's HARDCORE.

Here is the scene where disguised Dad meets porn star "Big Dick Blacque" in Hollywood.

Ps -- No matter how much ass Dad kicks in the end... there is some subtle cuckold fetish angle that must appeal to the studio suits who green-light these films again and again.
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