Friday, October 23, 2009

Soup du Jour! (WITHOUT cheesecake!)

I'm tired of posting clips of our dearly departed! PLEASE, will Death take a holiday, already!
One of my all-time favorite Soupy Sales clips--when TV was LIVE!
(CAUTION: brief bouncing boobies below!)

They took down Soupy's surprise(s)! So here's another one:


The Hound said...

Did this really run on tv like that? BTW his sons (Hunt and Tony Sales) are the rhythm section on the better Iggy Pop solo records-- Kill City and Lust For Life. They were originally in a garage band called Tony & the Tigers.

Lex10 said...

They're also in Tin Machine and many many Bowie recordings.

And while we're on the subject FUCK HOWARD STERN who did nothing but give Soupy a hard way to go.

To quote Black Tooth: OOOOOWAH!

Mavis Martini said...

ARGH! Somebody complained about the boobies and I guess they removed the video!
Better to hack somebody's head off or torture animals than show a bosom or two!
Can I defect to Europe?

The Hound said...

"Somebody complained about the boobies and I guess they removed the video! "

What kind of idiot would complain about something as innocent as boobs? Can Democracy really work with such a high percentage of morons out there?
Another Soupy/Iggy tidbit I just remembered, he can be heard doing the stage intro on the rather lame TV Eye live LP from the 80's, except the intro comes in the middle of the side since the songs were resequenced in a rather haphazard way.
Does footage exists of the famous bit where he told the little kiddies to go into their mommies purse and take the funny green paper stuff and send it to him? I actually saw it as a kid (he was taken off the air soon after) and would love to see it again.

Lex10 said...

I would only upload copyr*ght*d video to blogger anymore.
F flickr
F Facebook
F youtube

Mr. Sophistication said...

Long live Soupy! I'll defect to Europe with ya!

Mavis Martini said...

It tried to find that Soupy clip! I think it was on New Year's Day and Soupy thought all the moms and dads would be sleeping off their hangovers, so it was the perfect chance for the kiddies to take the funny green pictures of presidents out of mommy's purse and mail them to him. Apparently, he got a lot of cash, but the parents got angry. The network donated the money and suspended Soupy for 2 weeks! I'd love to see that clip if it still exists!

Tom said...

Thanks for sharing this. I could see how Paul Ruebens was influenced by his antics.

Samantha K said...

Soupy Sales practically invented the immortal pie in the face gag -- they don't make em like that anymore...

Donna Lethal said...

Screw flickr - go on the douchebag blog and read all about my antics w/them. And youtube ain't much better. God bless Soupy. My formative years are a mix of him, Capn Kangaroo, and the Beatles. BLACKTOOTH!