Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gordon, the Pimp

What? He be sellin' ass out on Sesame Street? I can't believe I never saw "Willie Dynamite" before, because as most of you know, I sure do love blaxploitation and am fairly well schooled in it. That makes it even more fun when a gem like this pops up on TCM of all places (who is programming over there? Just hearing Robert Osborne say "Next up, Willie Dynamite" kills me.) Imagine my surprise when Willie turned out to be none other than Gordon of Sesame Street! What? That's right, kiddies! This fine piece of cinematic treasure features costumes so mindblowing that even the NYC crowds stand and gape in the background scenes. Watch the pimp council:

Wonder if Gordon ever brought his "magic watch" to Sesame Street ...
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