Monday, August 3, 2009

Telly Savalas Looks At Birmingham (the one down the bloomin' road from me)

A slight departure, but no one except Telly could convince me that I should mosey on down to Birmingham this Thursday (I'll probably ingest an Indian after taking in the action). I'm even looking forward to the day when I'm eligible to enter the over-40's disco competition.

This "quota-quickie' is from The Baim Collection.


Eve said...

Make sure you hook up with Birmingham Bertha while you're there:

Pantheon Zeus said...

the birthplace of Ozzy Osbourne.
fab !!

OZZY RULES was written in magic marker on the wall of a classroon at our highschool in 80s. Our sweet old writing teacher asked us kids to explain who OZZY was.

Donna Lethal said...

The Baim Collection has some of my favorite things, including "Mood Man," which not only has The Joe Loss Orchestra, but Declan MacManus, too!