Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Guess which one ? - Mary Lou or Squeaky ?

Guess which one?
Mary Lou Metzger of the Lawrence Welk musical family or Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme of the Manson Family ??


One partnered with Sandra Good and the other partnered with Sandi Griffiths.

One's boss advocated taking Geritol, the other's boss advocated taking LSD.

One’s favorite color is RED, while the other was nicknamed “Red”.

One appeared on The Lawrence Welk Show in the 50s – the other started appearing on Welk in 1970.

One felt a kinship to former bassist Jimmy Page, while the other became close to bassist Rich Maloof.

One does TV wrap-arounds, while the other used to wear hair wrap-arounds on TV.

One is famous for being 'shot out of a cannon' while the other is famous for shooting out of .45 colt pistol.

One once attacked a cellmate with a hammer, the other once sang “If I had a hammer”.

One broke out in a TV debut on Mother’s Day 1970, the other broke out of prison on Christmas Day 1987.

One lives in the Valley, the other lived in Death Valley.

One worked under director George Cates, the other was directed to work under George Spahn.

One appeared on Time magazine, the other appeared on time in Branson shows.

One was child actress in the National Tour of The Music Man, the other was a child dancer with the Westchester Lariats.

One was the favorite of a band leader, the other was the favorite of a cult leader.

One sings Please Release Me, Let Me Go – the other is pleased to be released from jail on August 16, 2009.
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