Friday, July 10, 2009

Roman a Clef: CQ

Although this was released in 2001, I just watched it. Roman Coppola's feature debut was a fun, yet thoughtful little romp through late '60s Euro pop cinema. The colorful cast includes Jason Schwartzman as an over-the-top American director, Giancarlo Giannini as a Dino De Laurentiis-esque producer,and super model stunner Angela Lindvall as superagent "Dragonfly" in the film-within-a-film. Jeremy Davies (who's also played Charlie Manson on TV!) is the sweet, sensitive film editor caught up in the madcap movie melange. The soundtrack is terrific also, from spaceypop duo(?) Mellow. I hope to see more from this Coppola chap!

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