Sunday, July 19, 2009

Personally I Think He Was Out On A 69 Call

I'm planning on watching The D.I. soon and I ran across this (each links to giagundo versions):

a touch of kismet after meeting James Ellroy (who has employed and appreciated Jack Webb at different times in his career) last week.

I love the use of clipped sentences a la Jack's show, and the old Confidential Magazine modus opperandi of giving real addresses and license plate numbers. No wonder they got in trouble.

Anyway, I also found this weird quintessentially Jack Webb trailer for the DI where he uses more of his stylistically low budgetude to intro the film - without any actual clips:


Donna Lethal said...

Here's the wacky thing: Jack and Julie married. Jack and Julie divorced (as outlined above) and Julie married Bobby Troup. Jack produced "Emergency!" starring Julie and Bobby. Julie, Jack, and Bobby remained friends and great drinking buddies. They are all buried next to each other at Forest Lawn. Go figure.

I love how Confidential gave the addresses (not to mention license plates) - I live near Ethel Avenue! Now I have to go by the house, of course.

Christopher said...

the sound of ice in glass tinkling at forest Lawn..Cocktail Hour of the Monotonous Dead! =:oO

Donna Lethal said...

Julie was a big drunk, too. I have a friend that used to drink with the three of them at a bar on Sunset that's now long gone.