Saturday, July 18, 2009

Harry - He's Here to Help

With a Friend Like Harry or/ou Harry, un ami qui vous veut du bien

Last night's DVR from IFC. The feel of this film by director Dominik Moll is akin to Hitchcock, yet without any direct "tribute-y" vibe. I mean it's well-constructed; the structure of the shot sequence is so carefully thought out that the journey this film takes you on unfolds with every moment seeming to emanate from a blank slate. It's only until the final 3rd of the film that one starts to anticipate some of the shocking activities that take place. The players are all radiating their own enigmatic energy, even when no dialogue carries them. Lastly, the bathroom is about one of the best non-human actors I've seen in a while. Strongly, STRONGLY recommended by me. I know, "So what?" So there.

You will at least temporarily feel like you want to avoid having guests

Sry - no subtitled trailer.
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