Friday, June 12, 2009

Hootenanny Hootin' Johnny

Spoken of possibly in other places/times

I have tried to upload several scenes from Hootenanny Hoot! (including Judy Henske's - the real-life Annie Hall - unfortunate jiggling leg fat scene - write to me for more detail) but all the new copyright bots have gotten me each time at each video service so I have been unable to thus far.

While driving to work today (that's right - I WORK) I heard on the SD chip in my car stereo (ooh!) the album (Johnny Cash - 1958 - The Fabulous) which featured the song performed below, . Johnny: tangentially bringin' his darkness to this otherwise treacle-y gentrification of the radical folk music scene. So I looked it up and etc., etc.

Lotsa no pants dancin' in this movie.... I'm talkin' to YOU Arthur & Chimp!
And for Donna, c-list sitcom clown Joby fuckin' Baker and perennial game show celeb Ruta (rrrrrrr! Sexy!) Lee fer chrissakes! (lemme guess - you know them.....I knew it! Make with the ancedote already!)

Trailer, which doesn't come close to providing anywhere near the sense of chilling squirm-worthiness this film provides:

Anybody for a Drew Barrymore remake?

AND NOW as a super good extra treat- the film Five Minutes to Live aka Door To Door Maniac starring Johnny as deranged psychopath alongside Ronny Howard & Hugh Marlowe (my band useta do an instrumental called Hugh Marlowe) and Vic Tayback - in it's entirety! Yahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa..........................

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